Cherry Turbos is a high quality turbo remanufacturing facility with over 20 years of experience and a history of personal contact with each customer. Our company focus is on turbos and superchargers which has allowed us to grow slowly and purposefully. We can meet the individual needs of the horsepower enthusiast as well as the customer with a budget for repairing a daily driver.

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A stock original equipment turbo is often sufficient and will provide enough boost to satisfy a driver's expectations. For many enthusiasts however the quest for more power is normal. The good news is that most turbocharged vehicles have room for improvement. Upgrading a stock turbocharger can make a great deal of difference without huge physical changes under the hood.

There are only a handful of turbocharger companies on the planet. Turbo manufacturers build more than one model in a family of turbos. Vehicle manufacturers source what works best for their needs from one of these turbos resulting in cross-compatability. This means that a small turbo from one car model can be upgraded by using a larger compressor wheel from the same turbo maker that is original equipment on some other car.

For example, Garrett is well known for it's wide array of TB03 Turbos. It is relatively easy to take parts from the larger end of the family and fit them to a smaller model. For the enthusiast its a great way to have a little or a lot more power than stock without any manufacturing or retro-fitting under the hood. The cost of upgrading is easily offset by the savings of retaining all the original lines, fittings and plumbing.

All upgrades can be performed with some degree of machine work to accommodate the larger parts while maintaining original bolt-in fit. All machining is done in-house to Herman's quality expectations.

While the turbo undergoes some changes, porting away silly casting flash and odd lumps is easily done as well. We have upgraded hundreds of turbos over the years and surprised customer after customer with great results.

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