Cherry Turbos is a high quality turbo remanufacturing facility with over 20 years of experience and a history of personal contact with each customer. Our company focus is on turbos and superchargers which has allowed us to grow slowly and purposefully. We can meet the individual needs of the horsepower enthusiast as well as the customer with a budget for repairing a daily driver.

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    St. Thomas, Ontario, N5R 3C6, Canada
  • Phone: 519-633-7842
  • Toll Free: 1-800-387-3089
  • Email: info@cherryturbos.com

In 1990 I started work for the original owner of Cherry Turbos. I immediately understood that turbos could be modified. The large variety of components all in one facility got my imagination going. I saw that mixing and machining could combine the best parts of different turbo manufacturers efforts. When I bought the business in 1992 I started experimenting.

Hybrid turbos are assembled using two or more models of turbo as a parts source.

They are built to provide higher levels of boost and flow for mild to wild horse power increases.

After consulting with the customer I can determine how the turbo needs to perform. For example a hybrid built for the drag strip will need to be very different than one for a road race course application. A street turbo often needs to be somewhere in between the two. Because of my ability to combine parts strategically, I can bring response, flow, boost level and physical size together in unconventional ways.

I consult with each customer to determine their exact driving needs and build the turbo to perform specifically for their application.

Hybrid turbos can be built for reasonable cost with creative parts selection and little or no machine work. Conversely, they can also be quite a radical combination of parts and components from different manufacturers of turbos with creative machining tying it all together.

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