Cherry Turbos is a high quality turbo remanufacturing facility with over 20 years of experience and a history of personal contact with each customer. Our company focus is on turbos and superchargers which has allowed us to grow slowly and purposefully. We can meet the individual needs of the horsepower enthusiast as well as the customer with a budget for repairing a daily driver.

  • Address: 353 Sunset Drive
    St. Thomas, Ontario, N5R 3C6, Canada
  • Phone: 519-633-7842
  • Toll Free: 1-800-387-3089
  • Email: info@cherryturbos.com

The agricultural turbo sector has always been a staple in our customer base.

Tractors, harvesters, marine diesels, trucks etc. are all applications I'm very comfortable with.

Some of our oldest clients are involved in the agricultural sector. I've helped industrial and marine turbo customers out of some tight spots over the years as well. When it gets weird, I can help. Sourcing bits and pieces to get a successful outcome is part of the job here.

Many of the design advancements in turbo technology in today's turbos are derived from their wide use and development in the ag-equipment and industrial sector.

We are comfortable and experienced in remanufacturing and troubleshooting all of these turbos.

Call us for more information on your specific turbo needs.

Call us today at 519-633-7842 or 1-800-387-3089 within Canada

We can help and are here for our clients.